About Corporate Warrior

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I’m Lawrence. Nice to meet you! I teach people how to optimise health, business and lifestyle. Here’s a summary:

What is Corporate Warrior?

It is the Podcast and Blog to help you optimise health, business and lifestyle for maximum productivity.

You’re probably a little confused right now. Confused by all the information online. Maybe you’re struggling to find an exercise routine and diet that gets the results you want. Maybe your job sucks and your lifestyle is overwhelming and disorganised.

Imagine if you could optimise muscle gain, fat loss and overall health with one 15-minute workout per week. Imagine if you could double your earnings, cut your costs in half and dramatically reduce your work hours. Imagine if you could design a lifestyle that is optimised for doing the things that make you happy.

What makes Corporate Warrior different and better?

Big corporations and the mass media make bazillions brain washing people. They are responsible for misguiding the masses to exercise too much and inefficiently, eat the wrong things, work like busy fools, and think stupid. This makes my blood boil. I have an insatiable appetite to learn how to optimise my life and the lives of others. I attempt to satisfy my hunger by interviewing subject-matter experts (big-names and underground unknowns) to find exclusive, no B.S. information on how to significantly improve productivity in every area of life. Where most podcasts gloss-over this topic, I go deep. I ask the questions that bother me every time I step into the shower. The questions that no-one ever seems to ask. The questions you are dying to ask.

My Story

I started the Corporate Warrior website after having the epiphany that redefined what I considered to be “effective exercise”.

My journey starts here…

It’s Sunday evening 22nd July 2012. I’m sitting down planning my workouts for the week:

Monday – Running and “Core” Work
Tuesday – Upper Body Strength Training and Grip
Wednesday – Interval Sprints
Thursday – Lower Body Strength Training and Grip
Friday – Hill Sprints
Saturday – 45 Minute Run

I pointlessly penciled in other activities in the few available spaces, knowing full well they weren’t going to get done.

I planned my life around the workouts that should have come second to my relationships, family, and mission. The result: my career suffered, businesses failed, and I never saw family. I was pretty unhappy.

14 months later, things were different. I watched this video by Dr Doug McGuff. It was a game changer.

On a Sunday evening (29th September 2013), I sat down to plan my week. I planned when I was going to see friends and family, work on my business, network, develop/acquire skills for my day job, attend seminars, and play sport. Once I had filled this in, I penciled in a single 15-minute workout for Tuesday evening, knowing it would provide all the benefits and more of my previous 6 to 8 training sessions per week with minimum wear and tear on my body.

My journey took a turn.

I realised that, like exercise, I was ineffectively managing my life. I started to hunt for the critical counterintuitive in everything. Looking for the principles, strategies, hacks and tactics to more effective living. Default living just didn’t make sense to me.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

– Mark Twain

I began to apply the same perspective to every area of my life and started seeing amazing results:

  • Built the Corporate Warrior blog and podcast (over 31,500 downloads per month as of May 2017 and featured in The Huffington Post).
  • Became the top sales person for Node4 (achieving over 180% of annual target closing multiple multimillion pound contracts)
  • Self-published 2 eBooks on how to optimise fat loss.
  • Built and maintained a muscular and lean physique (~10% body fat)

I want to add to this list by helping you grow yours. I want to help you achieve your goals without sacrificing time for the most important things: friends, family and fun.

Start tumbling down the rabbit hole: