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15 Minute Corporate WarriorI founded the Corporate Warrior website as a result of an epiphany I had that redefined what I considered to be “effective exercise”.

Yes that’s me, the bald and sweaty basketball player on the left….

My journey starts here…

It’s the evening of Sunday 22nd July 2012, and I’m sitting down planning my workouts for the week:

  • Monday – Running and Core Work
  • Tuesday – Upper Body Strength Training and Grip
  • Wednesday – Interval Sprints
  • Thursday – Lower Body Strength Training and Grip
  • Friday – Hill Sprints
  • Saturday – 45 Minute Run

Once I finished my workout program for the week, I pointlessly penciled in other activities in the few available spaces, knowing full well that they weren’t going to get done.

I planned my life around the workouts that should have come second to my business aspirations, family, and career. As a result of my priorities being in the wrong order, my career suffered, business plans failed, and I hardly made the effort to see family.

Last Sunday evening (29th September 2013), I sat down to plan my week. I planned when I was going to work on my business, networking, day job, attending seminars, seeing friends and family, and playing recreational sport. Only once I had filled all this in, I penciled in a single 15 minute workout for Tuesday evening, knowing it would provide all the benefits and more of my previous 6 to 8 training sessions per week with minimum wear and tear on my body.

I appreciate how hard it is to believe that in just 15 minutes per week, you can build muscle and strength, get fitter, and lose body fat. It doesn’t help that huge organisations spend billions making you think otherwise so that you’ll invest in expensive gym memberships, supplements, and fitness magazines.

The science is telling a different story. The high intensity strength training movement is starting to pick up speed and people are starting to realise that in the health and fitness world less is more. 

Having read a load of books, absorbed information from hundreds of websites, interviewed some of the world’s most intelligent minds in health and fitness, and seen the training results on my own body, my close friend inspired me to create this website for busy people who are looking to get fit, build lean muscle, and burn body fat using evidence-based exercise that is safe, efficient, and highly effective.

In addition, I provide personal development and time management advice to help busy people achieve maximum results in their careers, business, and personal lives.

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