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“Really good podcast, one of the best I’ve listened to! Great guests. I’m always looking forward to the next episode.”

– @iguanalizz

“As a 23 year old with many years of interest and following research in the nutrition and exercise game, Lawrence provides truly unique and priceless information with top experts in the field of health and nutrition. Each podcast I walk away with gems that I can apply to my own life thanks to Lawrence’s ability to extract the most practical and impactful tips. I can confidently say that Corporate Warrior has improved my nutrition, mindset, and life!”

– Scott M

Corporate Warrior is a fast-growing health/business podcast with 5-STAR ratings on iTunes and Stitcher. It has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Reading Lists, Baye.com and DrMcGuff.com.

Each episode is a meticulous dissection of how experts (HIT, Extreme Endurance Racers, Entrepreneurs, Writers, etc) optimise health, business and lifestyle for maximum productivity, success and happiness. This typically involves a very detailed analysis of exercise and nutritional concepts and the relentless pursuit to find answers to those million dollar questions, like how to optimise muscle gain, rapidly lose fat and build a successful business fast. Topics include, muscle growth, fat loss, longevity, nutrition, morning-routines, meditations, life hacks, business strategies and tactics and much more.

Guests include Dr Doug McGuff, John Little, Mark Sisson, Ben Greenfield, David Allen, Steve Maxwell, Dr James Fisher, Dr James Steele, Luke Carlson, Skyler Tanner, Dr Richard Winett, Bill DeSimone, Keith Norris and more.

Corporate Warrior has become a favourite for people interested in High Intensity Strength Training (HIT) – a form of strength training popularised by the late Arthur Jones in the 1970/80s. Its a highly effective and efficient form of exercise used by many for optimal fitness and productivity. Corporate Warrior has also become a very popular resource for HIT entrepreneurs.

Guests enjoy the show because its friendly, unique, long form and they get final cut. This results in extremely open and raw interviews which people love. Corporate Warrior began as a means to scratch my own itch. My reading and experiences kept prompting questions. I interviewed the experts to find the answers and attempt to satisfy my endless curiosity. Next thing you know, I’ve started a podcast.

The Corporate Warrior mission is to publish rich, long-form content that provides the highest quality information on how to optimise health, business and lifestyle.

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