Dr. James Fisher and Dr. James Steele: Workout Nihilism vs Workout Optimisation

Dr James Fisher and Dr James Steele with Werner Kieser and colleague
Dr James Fisher and Dr James Steele with Werner Kieser and colleague (Photo courtesy of Kieser Training)

Dr James Steele is an Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Science at Southampton Solent University (United Kingdom). James teaches across both exercise physiology, biomechanics, and research methods, is an active researcher and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on a variety of areas relating to health and fitness.

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Dr James Fisher is a Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Sports Conditioning and Fitness at the Southampton Solent University in the UK. He is the lead author on 2 of the most important papers published in Evidence-Based Resistance Training.

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Early January 2018, I took a flight back to my homeland (UK) to visit the James’s over at Southampton Solent University for the most gruelling workout ever, a meat feast and some very engaging and intellectual conversation.

Here’s the workout routine they put me through:

  • MedX Knee Extension (1 timed-static-contraction maximum force output test following by 3 drop-sets to failure)
  • Z-Bar Bicep Curls (3 drop-sets to failure – on the third set, I had to ask for a bin incase I puked … )
  • Chin-up (Single-set-to-failure)
  • Chest press (Single-set-to-failure)
  • Dips (Single-set-to-failure)
  • Chest press (Single-set-to-failure)
  • MedX Lower Back (Single-set-to-failure)

This episode is an in-person 3-way podcast. Unfortunately, I did not have any microphones and we ended up using VoiceRecorder (which is pretty decent) on my iPhone 7 to record the podcast. The sound quality is okay but it might be a little difficult to listen to if you’re dealing with other noise. Next time I do an in-person interview, I’ll bring microphones or and/or use a Zoom H6!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The role of effort in resistance training
  • Are multiple sets not-to-failure just as effective as single-sets-to-failure?
  • How to motivate loved ones to exercise
  • Workout frequency
  • The value of supervision
  • Workout nihilism vs workout optimisation
  • When is more volume more effective?
  • The value in resting between exercises
  • … and much more

Listen below:

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