Dr Wayne Westcott on Training Frequency, Workout Routines, Warm-Ups, Recovery Requirements with Ageing, and Progression Over A Lifetime

Dr Wayne Westcott
Exercise science professor Wayne Westcott (not bad at 67!) talks with chef Kevin Colby at the Quincy College gym. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

Dr. Wayne Westcott has written more than 20 books, 400 articles, and 600 newspaper columns on the topic of muscle-building exercise. He has spent thousands of hours in the research lab, presented his findings to tens-of-thousands of seminar attendees, personally educated, tested, and certified many thousands of fitness trainers from around the globe and consulted to some of the most prestigious organizations interested in this business – including The United States Navy, The United States Air Force, several national League Football Teams, General Motors Corporation, The Nautilus Corporation, and the President’s Council on Sports and Physical Fitness.

Lawrence, Wayne is without question, the most impressive single individual in our field. He is prolific in his publication, original research, and writing… his knowledge base in resistance training is unparalleled. He worked closely with everyone at Nautilus in the old days but also has an incredibly academic background and an unbiased, scientific approach to exercise.

– Luke Carlson, CEO, Discover Strength

I loved recording this episode. Wayne is one of the most charming, delightful and modest individuals I’ve had the pleasure to interview. We had a lot of fascinating chit-chat on strength training in this edition.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why is it important to do strength training?
  • How to optimise and balance elevation in metabolic rate with strength training frequency
  • Why Wayne advocates people train twice per week in most cases
  • How effective is it to use the same routine over a lifetime?
  • How to stimulate optimal gains (of course – mustn’t forget that old chestnut)
  • What has Wayne changed his mind about regarding exercise and nutrition?
  • … and much more

Listen below:

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