Drew Baye – How To Optimise Strength, Muscle Mass And Health With High Intensity Bodyweight Training

Drew Baye presenting at The 21 Convention
Drew Baye presenting at The 21 Convention (photo from i.ytimg.com)

Drew Baye is one of the top high intensity training experts around today. He is the founder and owner of Baye.com, the most popular high intensity training website online. He’s a prolific writer, researcher, and elite level personal trainer.

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In The 4-Hour Body, the author, Tim Ferriss featured Drew to demonstrate how it’s possible to get to 3-4% body fat with no “cardio”. Check it out:

Drew Baye
Drew Baye looking shredded (photo from Baye.com)

I recently moved to Galway, Ireland, and have no access to fancy MedX and Nautilus machines (until I build my own gym! Muhaha!). With that in mind, I decided to continue my high intensity bodyweight training using Drew Baye’s Project Kratos, which is an excellent eBook on how to use just body weight training to maximise strength, muscle mass and overall health.

In this episode, Drew answers my questions about Project Kratos and bodyweight high intensity training in general. Drew kicks off by explaining the principles of high intensity training that apply to any workout protocol. We then discuss how this fits into a high intensity bodyweight training context over the long-term.

In this episode we cover:

  • How to get past sticking points in Project Kratos and optimise your overall results
  • The importance of knowing when to introduce specialisation programs
  • How to train to failure and not rely on a secondary exercise, drop set, etc to “get there”

Listen below:

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