High-Intensity Bodyweight Training Routines, How to Improve Your HIT Workouts For Better Results and Efficiency, Detailed Nutrition Plan, and Tracking and Improving Your Biomarkers

Lawrence Neal
My workouts would last normally in the region of 6-minutes

Welcome to another inbetweenisode with yours truly.

In this episode, I give you a detailed insight into my current personal exercise and nutrition regimen, which has been heavily influenced by my guests and their work.

In this episode, I cover:

  • A deep dive into my current workout and nutritional regimen
  • How to employ a highly efficient and effective workout into your lifestyle
  • How to make a high-intensity bodyweight training regimen work for you
  • How to tweak your training program to enable progression and achieve better results
  • How to eat to maximize muscle mass while minimizing fat gain – and more!

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Show Notes

  • On exercise regimens, playing competitive basketball, and my then-diet [5:07]
  • Why I decided to get into bodyweight training – and what happened after [8:05]
  • On motivation and the importance of setting goals [10:35]
  • On the value of having a personal trainer [12:24]
  • Going into detail about my high-intensity bodyweight training regimen [13:29]
  • On workout progression and improving results [17:49]
  • On basketball, sport, and other physical activities outside of working out [21:42]
  • Going into detail about my current diet and nutritional regimen [22:29]
  • On tracking and improving biomarkers [27:09]

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People Mentioned

  • Jord

    Hey mate, tried downloading the mp3 “right click save as” and it says “Failed – No file”

    • Hi Jord, I had the wrong URL. This has now been corrected and updated. Sorry, and thank you for pointing this out!

  • Ricky Morris

    This is excellent information for the future for me Lawrence! I’m stuck on a gym routine right now, and trying for 2 sets to see if I can pull off hypertrophy with that, but I’m gonna to use this when I can get to it. Thanks so much. (I may not really be going to true failure, but it still wastes me on my recovery! I sometimes think it comes largely from the minimal rests between sets, but I just don’t know. Guess no one has much to say to me about all that. Oh well.)

    • You’re welcome Ricky. You can get all the information in Project Kratos, which I think you have already.

  • enlite

    Very interesting podcast ! I’ve been utilising body weight training myself for quite some time now and i feel it’s a modality of training that many people underestimate . Slow cadences with push up and pull ups can be very challenging indeed as well as spilt squats and two legged .

    • You’re telling me! Split squats destroy me.

      • enlite

        That’ s for sure ! Spilt squats are no joke and highly underestimated !