How Much Does Exercise Really Help With Fat Loss? – Christopher Scott PhD

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Christopher B. Scott PhD is a Professor of Exercise, Health & Sport Sciences at the University of Southern Maine. As a working exercise physiologist, Professor Scott continues a 35-year career in fitness, science, medicine and academia. His current teaching priorities reside within the Exercise Science program at the University of Southern Maine with a research agenda that focuses primarily on the estimation of the energy costs of strength, speed and power related exercise and activities. He has published over 60 research-related articles in peer-reviewed journals, mentoring dozens of students in the process. His findings on how exercise best contributes to weight loss are unique and informative, being presented both in the United States and International venues.

Chris Scott is a leading contributor to the field of exercise physiology and is the author of a textbook on the subject, “A Primer for the Exercise and Nutrition Sciences: Thermodynamics, Bioenergetics, Metabolism” (Human Press, 2008). His research agenda focuses primarily on the energy costs of strength, speed and power-related activities.

I encourage you to listen and/or read Chris’s interview with for a more thorough understanding of some of the concepts we explore. Go here to read/listen.

[Update 16/02/18: Check out Chris’s new book! How To Maximize The Caloric Costs Of Exercise – Amazon US / Amazon UK]

Contact Chris via email: cscott [at] maine [dot] edu

In this episode we cover:

  • The amount of energy different exercise activities actually expend
  • How exercise may be able to help prevent long-term fat gain
  • The massive health benefits derived from HIT/HIIT and why it’s the most important exercise activity to undertake
  • and much more

Listen below:

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