How To Find Your Purpose – John Little

John Little and Leonard Peikoff
John Little with Objectivist philosopher Leonard Peikoff who was Ayn Rand’s protege and foremost interpreter.

John Little (Linkedin) is considered “one of the top fitness researchers in North America” (Ironman magazine). An accomplished author in the field of exercise (Max Contraction Training, Body By Science, The Art of Expressing the Human Body), philosophy, history and martial arts, John’s articles have been published in every major fitness and martial arts magazine in North America. He’s produced a whopping 40 publications.

Throughout his career, John has worked alongside the biggest names in the industry, from the Estate of Bruce Lee, to bodybuilding icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, Steve Reeves and Lou Ferrigno to action stars such as Jackie Chan. John is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker, having produced and directed films for both independent companies and major studios such as Warner Bros.

John and his wife Terri opened Nautilus North Strength & Fitness Centre in 2004, where they continue to conduct studies on exercise and share the data with their personal training clients. Nautilus North has supervised in excess of 80,000 one-on-one workout sessions. Little lives in Bracebridge, Ontario (Canada) with his wife of 28-years and their children Riley, Taylor, Brandon and Benjamin.

John Little and Bruce Lee's good friends
John Little with four of Bruce Lee’s good friends and students.

John is considered to be one of the world’s foremost authorities on Bruce Lee, his training methods and philosophies. Selected by the Bruce Lee estate, he is the only person who has ever been authorized to review the entirety of Lee’s personal notes, sketches and reading annotations and to edit books on the subject of Lee’s martial art and its far-reaching philosophical underpinnings.

He has devoted much effort to popularizing the works and philosophies of Will Durant. He founded and heads the Will Durant Foundation, which is an effort to keep Durant’s ideas and thoughts alive in the modern era.

This is John’s second appearance on Corporate Warrior. To Listen to Part 1, click here. John is the most sought after guest for a Part 2 that I’ve ever had. His knowledge of exercise and philosophy is staggering and I learnt a ton recording both of these podcasts. Both are a treasure trove of exercise wisdom and practical philosophy.

John Little with Mike Mentzer in 1981.

Please check out John’s books: here

Some of the great quotes mentioned in this episode:

“Eat a little bit of everything but not too much of anything.”
– Mike Mentzer
“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” … and … “it is only after the rainstorm that the rainbow appears.”
– Bruce Lee
“Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.”
– Voltaire

And if you’re feeling confused about the seemingly contradictory views in my podcasts, just remember what Bruce Lee said:

“In the contrast of comparison, some new thing might grow.”

In this episode we cover:

  • John’s thoughts on the latest literature on exercise frequency
  • How John’s personal exercise regimen has evolved
  • Bruce Lee vs MMA fighter
  • How to find purpose through passion
  • What books to start with on philosophy
  • And much more
John Little spotting Dr Doug McGuff
John Little spotting Dr Doug McGuff during a workout at Tony Robbins’ compound in Fiji.
What I would give to have dinner with these 3 gents.

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Interested in more from John Little? – Listen to Part 1. John explains more of what he learnt from Mike Mentzer, his workout with Hercules (Steve Reeves), how to optimise your workout protocol, and much much more (stream below or right-click here to download):

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