One Meal A Day, Workout Freestyling VS Tracking, And How To Improve Grip Strength – Jay Vincent

Jay Vincent
During the time this photo was taken, Jay had been training once every 7-9 days using HIT principles: one-set-to-failure on ~8 exercises.

Jay Vincent is a nationally recognized personal trainer, health coach and professional fitness model. As the owner and primary trainer at BioFit, Jay’s mission is to instruct highly effective, time efficient, and safe exercises for people of all ages, goals and physical conditions. Jay has been featured on many popular Podcast interviews, magazines and has modeled for popular athletic companies such as Under Armour and MuscleTech.

This is Jay’s third appearance on Corporate Warrior. We did plan to discuss HIT and diet in Part 2 but decided to focus on business instead. This episode is focused on Jay’s current exercise and diet regimen and how his approach and views have changed since we discussed this in Part 1 a year ago.

Since opening his new gym, BioFit, Jay has reduced his training frequency to enable him to invest more time in growing his business. Jay has reduced from a split routine twice per week to a single full-body routine once every 5-10 days with practically no downside. Check out his workout below. Furthermore, sometimes he only eats one meal per day! Don’t think genetics are that important? Think again.

In this episode, Jay reveals all. We cover:

  • Jay’s workout – in tremendous detail
  • The benefits of freestyling vs tracking workout performance
  • Jay’s thoughts on increasing frequency for improved muscle hypertrophy
  • … and much more!

Jay’s contact info:

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