Blair Wilson on Starting a High-Intensity Training Business in Canada, How HIT Can Help You Recover From and Rehabilitate Injuries, and What it’s Like to Be Mentored by John Little

Blair Wilson and the MedX Precision Fitness Team
Blair Wilson and the MedX Precision Fitness Team

Blair Wilson is the owner of MedX Precision Fitness and is a successful high-intensity training expert and professional, having been mentored by none other than John Little himself. Blair has worked as a professional water skier and has trained many clients from different walks of life, has himself been involved with and contributed to several influential studies on the mechanisms of fitness and weight loss – two of which have been published in international publications – and he is also a founding member of the Canadian Sarcopenia Foundation.

Today Blair continues to help and train people of all ages and abilities using his precise, exacting approach to high-intensity training along with a variety of other complementary methods and approaches designed to keep people healthy, build muscle, and optimize body composition.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Blair got his start with high-intensity training and how he became John Little’s apprentice
  • How Blair started MedX Precision Fitness, his business goals, and his focus
  • The HIT workout and nutrition protocols he uses to train himself and his clients
  • His recent injury and his accelerated recovery that has shocked experts
  • Why aging doesn’t and shouldn’t automatically mean losing muscle and losing strength
  • Why you need both exercise and nutrition to positively affect your body composition
  • … and more!

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NOTE: After we finished recording the episode, Blair got in touch with me with a few corrections, along with some additional points of interest:

“I misstepped on a couple of facts; most importantly the one about obesity rates. I was citing a 2014 Canadian study on BMI stuff, and I quoted the combined ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’ numbers rather than just the obese ones, but I can always provide the data on that if someone calls me out.

I also wanted to flip you the Pod data for the 62 year-old woman who has been thriving on 6 minutes of exercise for the last 4 years. I mentioned that she had gained a pound of lean every year for the last 3, and then there was a dietary intervention with me last February and she is down 24.5lbs of body fat and up just over 2lbs of lean tissue as per the POD readings.”

Show Notes

  • Blair tells us a bit about himself [5:30]
  • How John Little became Blair’s mentor and what he’s learned [11:57]
  • How Blair went from unpaid gopher to personal trainer [21:44]
  • How Blair got started with his own high-intensity training business [23:30]
  • Blair talks about water skiing professionally (and the toll it took on his body) [29:01]
  • How MedX Precision Fitness came to be [33:25]
  • Blair goes into detail about starting MedX Precision Fitness as a business [38:40]
  • Blair talks about his business goals (and how they’ve changed since he’s started) [41:06]
  • What advice does Blair have for people interested in starting their own high-intensity training business? [47:41]
  • Who are the people who train with Blair and MedX Precision Fitness? [51:28]
  • Why does Blair prefer a once-a-week workout regimen? [54:07]
  • Blair goes into detail about the psychological advantages of working out just once every week [57:09]
  • Blair talks about how he likes to train people [1:01:34]
  • How does Blair keep his clients’ training programs interesting and progressive over the long run? [1:06:50]
  • What interesting results have Blair and his team found analyzing the data they’ve collected regarding HIT, optimizing body composition, and health and fitness in general? [1:11:24]
  • Blair talks about his approach to nutritional protocols [1:15:15]
  • How do people tend to respond to Blair and MedX Precision Fitness’ protocols in terms of results? [1:21:48]
  • How society unintentionally contributes to the decaying health and fitness of the elderly [1:24:45]
  • What training protocols and routines has Blair found to be the most effective? [1:28:55]
  • Blair and I talk about high-volume, high-frequency training [1:38:40]
  • Blair talks about his recent injury… in great detail [1:50:31]
  • What has Blair learned in his experience recovering from and rehabilitating his injury (and why are the rehab experts he’s been working with so surprised)? [1:53:29]
  • What has Blair changed his mind on in the last year? [2:03:51]
  • What recent change in Blair’s life is he most proud of? [2:05:20]
  • Blair and I talk about how to approach the challenge of promoting your business on social media [2:07:40]

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