How To Lose The Last 5 Pounds In Under 3 Weeks

In an attempt to help a larger audience (Amazon) and help support this blog/podcast, I decided to use the knowledge I’ve gained from hosting the Corporate Warrior podcast and running this blog,  to start a catalog of fat loss eBooks.

These are short how-to guides on what I consider to be the most effective strategies for fat loss. These are strategies that I use on myself and I’ve used/still use to help many people lose large amounts of body fat very quickly.

Unlike most of the health and fitness information sold online (or even the free content for that matter) these aren’t fads. These are science-based tactics that I’ve accumulated through a lot of reading and interviewing some of the world’s leading experts on resistance exercise, nutrition, and health including Dr Doug McGuff, Drew Baye, Steve Maxwell, Ben Greenfield, and Skyler Tanner.

My latest eBook, How To Lose The Last 5 Pounds In Under 3 Weeks: Evidence-Based Tactics That Work To Shed Fat Fast is a guide that is specifically focused on helping people lose the last 5 pounds. This book assumes the reader has already lost some amount of body fat, and that they are in need of different strategies to shed the last few pounds. That being said, the strategies shared in this book, will still help someone very overweight to lose a lot of body fat very quickly.

This eBook includes:

– A Free Report: “28 Evidence-Based Tips to Build More Muscle and Strength”
– The Slow Carb Diet, complete with tips, hacks, recipes, and a meal plan
– The Slow Carb Diet without Legumes, a modified version of the Slow Carb Diet for even better results complete with FAQ and a meal plan
– How to Diet and Maintain a Great Social Life
– How to Fast for Fat Loss
– How to Exercise Efficiently and Effectively to Optimise Fat Loss and Muscle Gain, complete with exercise routines and guidance
– More Exercise Hacks to Burn Fat
– How to Use Cold Exposure to Burn Fat
– How to Acquire a Fat Burning Mind Set
– How to Integrate Fat Loss Tactics into a Super Busy Lifestyle

This eBook is only FREE until Monday 24th August. To download a copy whilst it’s FREE, Click Here

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