Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX)

ARX are the most innovative, efficient and effective all-in-one exercise machines I have ever seen. I was really impressed with my ARX workout. The intensity and adaptive resistance were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I love how the machine enables you to increase the negative load to fatigue target muscles more quickly and I love how the workouts are effortlessly quantified. The software tracks maximum force output, rate of work, total amount of work done and more in front of you on-screen, allowing you to compete with your pervious performance, to give you and your clients real-time motivation. As well as being utilised by many HIT trainers to deliver highly effective and efficient workouts to their clients, ARX comes highly recommended by world-class trainers and brands including Bulletproof, Tony Robbins, and Ben Greenfield Fitness. To find out more about ARX and get $1,000 OFF software licensing fees, please go to ARXfit.com and mention Corporate Warrior in the how did you hear about us field.

Resistance Exercise Conference

Resistance Exercise Conference – The science and application of strength training for health and human performance.

Would you like to:

  • Learn from the top strength training researchers?
  • Network and connect with other exercise professionals from all over the world?
  • Join a welcome reception on Friday night to build relationships with other strength training professionals?
  • Experience an early morning workout from an expert trainer to kick start your Saturday?
  • And get inspired, rejuvenated and focused on your strength training business?

I certainly do and that is why I am attending and interviewing all of the speakers at the event.

The resistance exercise conference will be held on the 9th and 10th of March 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at The Commons Hotel.

To get 10% off your entry fee, head on over to ResistanceExerciseConference.com, click the registration button and enter corporatewarrior10 in the promo code field in PayPal.

I’m very excited about this and have wanted to attend for years. Sign up now at ResistanceExerciseConference.com, get 10% off with promo code corporatewarrior10 and I look forward to meeting you in person!

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Hituni.com are providers of the best online courses in high intensity training that come highly recommended by Dr. Doug McGuff and Discover Strength CEO, Luke Carlson. Course contributors include world-class exercise experts like Drew Baye, Ellington Darden and Skyler Tanner. There are courses for both trainers and trainees. So even if you’re not a trainer but someone who practices HIT, this course can help you figure out how to improve your progress and get best results. Check out Hituni.com, add the course you want to your shopping cart and enter the coupon code ‘CW10’ to get 10% off your purchase!

Corporate Warrior has been a great affiliate for us over the last couple of years. With his podcast, Lawrence has consistently generated sales for HITuni and brought our way some fantastic students.

  • Simon Shawcross (Co-Founder HITuni.com)

Vital Exercise

VitalExercise.com are a one-of-kind personal training facility in the UK owned and run by world class personal trainer, Ted Harrison. For over 30 years, Ted has been very successful in helping people achieve great results, and, if you’ve seen the blog posts for his episodes on this podcast, you’ve seen that he walks the walk. For 56, he looks amazing! Operating from a HIT base, Ted uses an eclectic mix of training styles to optimise results for his clients. Ted put me through one of the best workouts of my life and is someone I go to for advice often. To book a free consultation either at his facility in Essex in the UK or to find out more about his virtual coaching, which includes personalised training, nutritional and motivational advice, go here where you can fill in a contact form or phone Ted directly for more info.

Exercise Science LLC

Exercise Science LLC are your one-stop shop for all your exercise needs. Exercise Science, a high intensity strength training studio based out of New Orleans, is owned and run by Exercise Physiologist and Body By Science contributor, Ryan Hall. Ryan has been featured on the podcast twice and both are among my most popular episodes of all time. Exercise Science LLC have the expertise, experience and the tools to maximise physical strength, improve performance and functional capacity in just 12 minutes per session. I’m a big fan of Ryan and if I were living in New Orleans, I would seriously sign up in a heart beat. To book a consultation now – click here.


This episode is brought to you by former podcast guest, Alex Fergus, Alex is a passionate health coach and has worked with 100s of clients to help them transform their body composition and health. He’s been featured on Paleo f(x), The Mind Muscle Project, and Superhuman Coach. Alex is an accomplished athlete, representing New Zealand in rowing, winning national bodybuilding titles and breaking powerlifting records. He’s a beast, and has very impressive quads, and won the Paleo f(x) RealFit competition, beating people like Ben Greenfield, and get this – 9months leading up to the competition, Alex only trained for 15min per week using BBS HIT principles.

Alex pays close attention to every aspect of his health. As a former chronically sleep-deprived young adult, Alex has invested heavily to optimise his own sleep quality for maximum benefit and has devoted much of his time to researching how to maximise sleep quality to improve your overall health and performance. Alex is giving away a FREE 4 part sleep improvement series with tips that will help you fall asleep faster, give you more energy, and improve your body composition. To get access to his FREE 4 part sleep improvement series, go to corporatewarrior.co/alex and sign up now.


This episode is brought to you by Bill DeSimone. Bill has appeared on the podcast twice and is one of my favourite personal trainers. Bill runs Optimal Exercise, a personal training studio based in central NJ, USA. Bill is incredibly knowledgeable about exercise, strength training, and in particular biomechanics and rehabilitation, and is the go-to guy for a lot of top HIT trainers like Dr Doug McGuff.

Bill is the author of Congruent exercise: How To Make Weight Training Easier On Your Joints. I loved this book and finished it in a few days. I learnt how to select safe and effective exercises and gained a better understanding of how to construct productive workouts. It gave me much more insight into exactly how the joints and muscle operate specific exercises, and does so in a very elegant manner. To pick up your copy of Congruent Exercise, head on over to Amazon.com, where you can buy a copy in print or on Kindle. The Kindle version contains links to various videos where Bill demonstrates the exercises, which being a visual learner, I found this particularly helpful.

Watch out for Bill’s next book: Joint-Friendly Fitness: Your Guide to the Optimal Exercise Program. Having seen a draft, I am very excited about this book and looking forward to talking to Bill to learn all about it. To connect with Bill and learn all about his upcoming book, product and services, go to optimalexercisenj.com

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