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How to build a $12k per month HIT business in 5 months – Jay Vincent

Jay Vincent Bicep curl

A post shared by Jay Vincent (@jay__vincent) on Jul 14, 2017 at 3:46am PDT Jay Vincent is a nationally recognized personal trainer, health coach and professional fitness model. As the owner and primary trainer at BioFit, Jay’s mission is to instruct highly effective, time efficient, and safe exercises for people of all ages, goals and …

Discover Strength CEO, Luke Carlson on How to Build a Successful HIT Business, Forced Reps vs Unassisted MMF and Minimalist Marathon Training

Luke Carlson, Discover Strength CEO, High Intensity Training Expert

As this podcast has grown in popularity, I have learnt that many of you are personal trainers who are both passionate about evidence-based exercise and growing your business. This interview is for you. Luke Carlson is CEO and Founder of Discover Strength, a successful evidence-based training organisation in the US. He is a practitioner, speaker, and author …