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Skyler Tanner on The Most Effective Ways To Market Your HIT Business, Get New Clients, and Keep Them Coming Back Again and Again

Skyler Tanner, Exercise Physiologist, High Intensity Training Expert

Skyler Tanner is the most featured guest to-date on Corporate Warrior, and for quite a number of good reasons: in addition to being a well-regarded exercise physiologist, an analytics professional, a world-class personal trainer, having given lectures and presentations in a variety of conferences and media platforms, and having been featured in mainstream outlets such …

Doug Holland on Powerlifting as a Hardgainer, Running a Lean High-Intensity Training Business, and Living a Spartan Lifestyle in the Modern Age

Doug Holland

Revered by many in the high-intensity training world, Doug “The Sickness” Holland is one of the most interesting and accomplished men to ever make waves in both powerlifting and HIT. Not only is he a degreed mathematician, he has also been a competitive powerlifter in three weight classes (132 lbs,148 and 165), has been a …