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Dr Ellington Darden – Body Fat Breakthrough Highlights

Body Fat Breakthrough

Here are my highlights from The Body Fat Breakthrough: Tap the Muscle-Building Power of Negative Training and Lose Up to 30 Pounds in 30 days! These highlights include interesting passages, questionable claims and arguments and occasionally my own thoughts in bold. These highlights prompt questions for my podcast guests. Overall, I thought the book offered a good …

Mark Alexander on Eccentric Overload Training, Using Big Data to Optimize Your Workouts, Resistance Training in Outer Space, and the Potential Future of Gyms, Fitness Facilities, and High-Intensity Training

Mark Speaking to Entrepreneurs

Having found himself actively involved in exercise and fitness from an early age, Austin, Texas-based health and wellness entrepreneur Mark Alexander is the Founder and President of Efficient Exercise; a co-founder, investor, and executive board member of the well-regarded Paleo f(x); and he is the CEO of Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX), which is pushing the boundaries …

Tim Ryan – Personal Trainer, Veteran of the Health & Fitness Industry, and Founder & Operator of Precision Fitness

Tim Ryan, Personal Trainer and Founder of Precision Fitness

Tim is founder and owner/operator of Precision Fitness, Inc. He has personally been involved with exercise for 40 years and currently has over 33 years of professional work experience in the health and fitness field. Prior to starting Precision Fitness, Tim worked in a variety of settings and capacities ranging from fitness instructor/personal trainer in …