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Dr Doug McGuff on Workout Volume and Frequency, Neck Training, Exercise Science, Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrency, and Relationships

Dr Doug McGuff and Wendy McGuff

Dr Doug McGuff (@DougMcGuff / Instagram: ultimate_exercise_) is frequently labeled as one of the world’s top experts on exercise and in particular, high intensity strength training. Doug practices full-time emergency medicine with Blue Ridge Emergency Physicians and owns, Ultimate Exercise, where he and his instructors continue to explore the limits of exercise through their personal training of clients. Doug …

Bodyweight High Intensity Training – Project: Kratos Workout Part 3

Kratos - God of War

Hahahahah I just had to re-write this entire post because I read 2:02 minutes as 202 seconds and thought I’d doubled by push-up TUL (doubled my reps/performance) … WOW … I know right. This is Part 3 of a series of posts documenting my bodyweight high intensity training journey using Project Kratos from Drew Baye. …