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Jay Vincent Interview: How To Build An Amazing Body In Less Than 40-Minutes Per Week

Jay Vincent is a Personal Trainer, a Professional Fitness Model, and a High Intensity Training Instructor

Jay Vincent (Instagram/Facebook) is a High Intensity Training instructor operating his studio, 2020 Fitness, out of Albany, New York. He’s also a professional fitness model and sponsored MuscleTech Athlete and modelled for popular athletic clothing lines such as Under Armour and appeared in small acting roles for Amazon.com. Jay’s MuscleTech ads have been featured in many …

Primer for a Proven Resistance Training Program by Chuck Bixby

Chuck Bixby

From the thirty years or so of observing people in the weight room at the gym there are several things that stand out for most people including: No logic to the sequence of the exercise routine. No documentation of the workout thus no goals or measurement of improvement. A lot of focus on small muscle …

Skyler Tanner on The Problems with High Intensity Training, the Most Effective Protocol to Stimulate Strength and Hypertrophy and Macronutrients vs Counting Calories

Skyler Tanner, Exercise Physiologist, High Intensity Training Expert

After hearing Skyler Tanner mentioned on multiple occasions by some of the world’s top experts on exercise, I knew I had to find out more about him. After checking out his blog and watching a few of his seminars on YouTube, he blew my mind. This interview was no different. Skyler Tanner holds a Masters …