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Pete Sisco: How To Start and Grow a Successful Online HIT Business Now

Pete Sisco giving a presentation at the Nomad Capitalists Passport to Freedom Conference in Las Vegas

HIT proponent, author, and the foremost authority on Power Factor Training ( Amazon US / Amazon UK ) and Static Contraction Training ( Amazon US / Amazon UK ), Pete Sisco is a highly successful online entrepreneur and businessman, and he has used his business acumen to create, grow, and sustain the wealth that allows him to travel, live, and work from anywhere he wants in …

Melinda Hughes on How To Market HIT to People Who Don’t Like Strength Training

Melinda Hughes

Melinda Hughes is the owner of The Strength Shoppe, a high-intensity training facility in Pasadena, California. She is a certified Nutrition Consultant, a certified Power of 10 trainer, an American Council on Exercise (ACE) instructor, and she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Denison University, where she graduated from Denison magna cum laude with …

Mark Alexander on How to Train and Retain Talent, Develop Your Company Culture, and Outlast Your Competition

Mark Alexander and ARX

Mark Alexander is an Austin, Texas-based health and wellness entrepreneur. He is the Founder and President of Efficient Exercise; a co-founder, investor, and executive board member of the well-regarded Paleo f(x); and he is the CEO of Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX), which is pushing the boundaries of HIT and how people train by using innovative resistance training technology …