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Dr. Ted Naiman Part 2 – How to Get Shredded With Intermittent Fasting, The Potential Benefits of Higher-Frequency HIT Workouts, and The Case for Not Eating Vegetables

Ted Naiman Bulked Up and Shredded

Dr. Ted Naiman is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who has used his extensive knowledge and understanding of diet, nutrition, and exercise to treat patients, helping them lose weight, greatly improve their health, and drastically improve – in some cases reverse – metabolic and autoimmune diseases. Having been a vegetarian and a steady-state runner, Ted’s …

Dr Ted Naiman: The Most Effective Diet for Fat Loss, Daily Workouts to Failure and The Problems with Supplements

Ted Naiman - smouldering

Ted Naiman (@tednaiman) is the founder of BurnFatNotSugar.com, Ted is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who has devoted much of his time to the study of diet and exercise and their relationship to health. He has used his diet and exercise techniques to treat thousands of patients and has seen miraculous health transformations and amazing weight …