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How To Start And Grow Your Podcast To Over 30,000 Downloads Per Month


Every now and again, I get asked “how do you get guests?”, “how do you find the time to do a podcast alongside a job?”, “how do you monetise it”, etc. Podcasting is becoming more and more popular. Lots of brands, public figures and companies are exploring podcasting as a method to grow their audience …

My Notes From The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast, ‘What I Learned In 2016’

Notes from 'What I Learned In 2016' from Tim Ferriss

In Tim’s latest podcast, What I learned in 2016 (click this link to listen to the podcast, see the show notes and other resources), Tim explores how he performs a post-game analysis to inform his new years resolutions. I took the following notes and thought I would post them here in case some of you found …