Podcast Transcripts

Exclusive Evidence-Based Strategies and Tactics on How to Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Boost Fitness in Less Than An Hour a Week

Transcription eBook
This eBook contains 14 interviews from the Corporate Warrior Podcast including Dr Doug McGuff, Drew Baye, Simon Shawcross, Dr James Steele, Dr James Fisher, Bill DeSimone, Skyler Tanner and Ben Greenfield.


You will learn:
  • The most effective and efficient exercise routines
  • How to optimise muscle gain
  • How to optimise fat loss
  • How to improve vitality and longevity
  • How to win Obstacle Course Races
  • How to strength train safely for maximum results
  • How to reduce sugar cravings
  • How to optimise your cardiovascular health
  • How to restore postural deficits
  • How to tweak your HIT workouts for better results
  • How to maximise your sports performance
  • And much, much more
You can use Ctrl-F to zero in on your specific interests. I’ve had it transcribed in such a way that it reads very well (verbatim interviews aren’t good to read). When you click the button below and purchase, you will receive ePub and PDF formats. ePub is more suitable for eReaders (Kindle).