What is H.I.T

I can’t do it better than wikipedia:

High Intensity Training (HIT) is a form of strength training popularised in the 1970s by Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus. The training focuses on performing quality weight training repetitions to the point of momentarily muscular failure. The training takes into account the number of repetitions, the amount of weight, and the amount of time the muscle is exposed to tension in order to MAXIMISE the amount of MUSCLE FIBER RECRUITMENT.

HIT is a highly effective method to build muscle, improve fitness, and lose fat in a single workout.

How does it work?

By moving a challenging resistance in a slow and controlled manner, HIT progressively fatigues the muscle fibers in an orderly fashion. Only one set of 60 to 90 seconds is required per muscle group to reach momentary muscular failure.

A message is sent to the muscle instructing it to grow stronger. After a recovery period of week (will vary) the muscle will adapt, recover to per-workout state, and then overcompensate to become larger and stronger for the next workout. Most conventional training fails to fatigue muscles efficiently, and typically promotes multiple sets and explosive exercises which lead to injury and long term damage.

HIT burns body fat during and after training through the “amplification cascade”, a process that taps fat stores for energy to replete the muscles.

HIT is a safe but very intense form of training that strongly engages the heart and lungs. The conditioning work out is greater or equal to sprinting up a steep hill. High intensity strength training will greatly enhance your cardiovascular system.